Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Banning Puppy Mills

Halloo Happy Veggers!

I got an email today from APSCA that reminded me of the movie "Earthlings" Veg club attempted to watch (but it reminded me in a good way.)

When we tried to watch the movie, one of the scenes that stuck most in my mind was the unceremonious stuffing of dogs into gas chambers as a result of puppy mills.

The email I got said, "Hey you californian! You can call you senators to ban puppy mills in your state!!"

Naturally I was really excited, since I like puppies and don't like it when they're tortured/die a painful death.

This is the link it sent me: it asks you to put in your address to make sure you're a constituent in California, then leads to a link so you can contact your senators (Boxer and Feinstein, gotta love 'em.)


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